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Welcome to Becker Funeral Home

Losing someone you love is on of life's most difficult experiences.  A personalized, meaningful service is an experience of immense value to the family and friends.  It helps us as we come to terms with loss; it can provide comfort from the strength of our religious values or cultural tradition and the support of family and friends, and it provides a family and community a special way of saying - "Every life has a story to tell".

We understand that you only have one opportunity to celebrate and recognize the life of your loved one.  We also know that we have only one chance to perform the services you request from us sensitively and correctly.  For over 30 years the Becker family been adhering to the highest standards of service to accomplish this and serve the families of South Lake County.  We believe we best serve you by listening carefully to your needs and thoughts, and providing a wide range of options, ideas and suggestions from which you can make a decision that would suit you and your family's wishes.

Through the years, we have helped countless families create a service that was meaningful and memorable - taking the first steps on the pathway to healing from loss.
Our family at Becker Funeral Home welcomes your thoughts and will honor your wishes, because we believe in - "Every life has a story to tell".

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